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In addition to supplying customer-specific products, De Beer Group also produces and develops its own product lines.

Sanitary components

De Beer is a market leader in technical components for the plumbing industry. Every year nearly 200 million seals, fasteners and other parts are produced and supplied to manufacturers and dealers throughout Europe.

De Beer has its origins as a partner in universal components for the sanitary wholesale trade. Having started out as a trader and now a manufacturer, listening to the needs of the market is still in De Beer’s DNA. With our own production in the Netherlands and Germany, we supply products with high quality and great reliability. Our motto ‘Making Small Parts Great’ tells exactly what we want: to supply small, essential components of top quality.

De Beer has over 6000 own products mostly available from stock. Because of the range of products and flexibility in delivery, De Beer is able to supply both small quantities and large bulk consignments. This has made us a trusted wholesale partner for decades.

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Efficient toilet plunger made by De Beer Group - high-quality plumbing components

Retail concepten

With De Beer Innovations, De Beer Group has a specialist in developing and marketing concepts for retailers. These concepts are an extension of the ranges we develop and produce within the group and are mostly focused on sanitary, household and hardware products.

In doing so, we take care of the entire process, from development, assortment composition, packaging design, printing, packaging and logistics for our customers. Thanks to our creative marketing department, POS materials and smart packaging are also developed in-house. Our retail concepts must be innovative and distinctive. This can be complete walls, but it can just as easily be one individual product. As long as the concept is unique and strong enough.

Retail concepten

Packaging / private labels

Almost all products supplied to wholesalers and retailers are packaged in small packages. Often these are packages specifically adapted to the customer’s needs.

Every year De Beer produces over 12 million retail packages, such as blisters, header cards, pouches, skin packs, etc. In Veenendaal we have extensive machinery for large-scale packaging of small packages. In cooperation with various social workshops, we are also able to perform many manual operations efficiently.

We take care of private labels from start to finish, regularly including artwork design and printing.

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Processing Retail Concept Products at De Beer Group.

Innovatieve producten

Beer Innovations was created to develop innovative products and concepts that are strong enough on their own to be successfully sold internationally.

Innovatieve producten