Components in contact with drinking water

Drinking water is the best controlled food product that we have. Any systems and materials that come into contact with drinking water are subject to very stringent requirements. These requirements must prevent harmful substances migrating from the materials or biological organisms from growing that adversely affect the quality of drinking water.

At De Beer Group, we actively develop solutions to challenges in the field of drinking water systems. Our expertise is in the application

and processing of plastic materials approved for contact with drinking water. We are knowledge partner for OEMs, especially in the field of seals or other flexible components.


  • Plumbing / Fittings
  • Piping systems
  • Food industry
  • Machine building and equipment manufacture
  • Coffee machines

Safe plastic components for drinking water - De Beer Group. High-quality plastic components in line with drinking water safety.

Production Capacities

  • TPE mouldings
  • 100% PAH-free
  • Silicone and EPDM replacement
  • 2K applications
  • Die cutter parts made of drinking water materials

Why De Beer?

  • Unique mould concepts for the large-scale production of flat gaskets from drinking water-suitable TPE
  • Almost 70 years of experience as a supplier of seals in the plumbing industry
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers as a clean alternative to traditional rubbers
  • Specialist knowledge of regulations in the field of drinking water
  • Production and development partner in one

Components in contact with drinking water. Various plastic products for drinking water applications - Safe and reliable materials for contact with drinking water.

A selection of our products

All plastic materials that come into contact with drinking water and that are intended for human consumption must be suitable for that application. In addition to pipes, this also relates to couplings and seals. If it involves mouldings (injection moulding) or flat seals (punching), it fits within the skills of De Beer.

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