Bioplastic / sustainable production

De Beer Beoplast produces emissions-free and fully CO2-neutral and is leading in the sustainable production of plastic injection moulding components. We generate our own electricity as much as possible, heat is reused and the means of transport (including all company vehicles) are electric.

Besides the sustainable production methods, De Beer Beoplast is also your partner for processing bioplastic materials or sustainable alternatives to harmful plastic materials. For this, Beoplast won the prestigious German Sustainability Award 2019.

Of all materials used, 98% are still based on petroleum. This causes an enormous consumption of resources. The aim of a modern, environmentally conscious industrial society must be to develop alternatives, or to revive “tried and tested” ones.

Beoplast supports its customers in this regard in using such alternative materials.

We have know-how in the processing of bio-based materials (design, mould making, injection moulding). Using our extensive database, we are able to filter out the appropriate material for the application.


  • Packaging industry / disposables
  • Household products
  • Organic / green products
  • Building products
  • Consumer products
  • E-mobility

An eco-friendly coffee cup made from bio plastics, a sustainable product from De Beer Beoplast.

Production Capacities

  • CO2-neutral production
  • Emissions-free production
  • ISO14001 certified
  • Bio-based & Biodegradable plastic materials
  • Post-Consumer Waste (PCW)

Why De Beer

  • Proven and certifiable sustainability gains for products
  • Broad experience with alternative, whether or not biodegradable plastic materials
  • Latest knowledge through close cooperation with leading research institutes in the field of bioplastic materials
  • Complete engineering and mould construction processes to serial production of sustainable products
  • Every business activity must meet the economic requirements, because only then is the long-term success of our company assured. We consider environmental aspects of equal importance. We have managed to combine this.

Employee works with machine for sustainable production of bio-plastics at De Beer Group

A selection of our products

Emissions-free, CO2-neutral or bioplastic materials contribute to a better future for our planet. Companies that want to make their supply chain sustainable find an experienced partner in De Beer Beoplast.

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