Flexible Plastic Materials

De Beer Breidenbach is specialised in the production of products from flexible plastic materials, such as thermoplastic rubbers (TPEs) and soft PVC.

Every year, we process over 750,000 kilograms of soft materials. In addition, we use almost 300 different material types. These types differ in hardness, flexibility, temperature resistance or chemical resistance.

We also produce multi-component (2K, 3K) products, where hard and soft can be combined in one product.


We produce soft products for extremely diverse applications:

  • Sealing technology
  • Automotive
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Medical / Hearing protection
  • Toys
  • Tools
  • Machine building
  • Electrical engineering
  • Building products
  • Packaging industry
  • Agricultural engineering

Modern machine for producing thermoplastic rubbers (TPE) and soft PVC at De Beer Group

Production Capacities

  • >350 TPE types in stock
  • Soft PVC injection moulding
  • 2K Injection moulding
  • Rubber & Silicone replacement
  • Bellows and ‘hollow’ products

Why De Beer?

  • Specialist in the injection moulding of TPE, soft PVC, TPU and 2K
  • Through innovative mould concepts, we can still demould ‘impossible products’.
  • Thanks to our years of experience, we use TPEs for applications that other injection moulders do not dare to tackle.
  • Thanks to a large volume in TPE, we offer you competitive prices.
  • With a mould making facility and machinery in-house, we work flexibly and efficiently

High quality TPE and PVC products manufactured by De Beer Group

A selection of our products

Thermoplastic elastomers are used in a wide variety of markets, with different purposes: from sealing, insulating, soft-grip or as a two-component product, in which hard and soft are combined in a single product.

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