Within the niches in which De Beer operates, we want to expand our market based on advanced knowledge and skills. That means that knowledge and skills must be continuously developed and expanded. That is why De Beer devotes considerable time and resources to developing its own innovations, at its own initiative or in close cooperation with a customer.

Innovative materials

As a specialist for the processing of flexible plastic materials, we work closely with material developers and knowledge centres. Our goal is to push the boundaries of technology and make previously impossible things possible.

The replacement of elastomers or silicones by thermoplastic elastomers is one of the areas in which we are continuously innovating.

Safe plastic components for drinking water - De Beer Group. High-quality plastic components in line with drinking water safety.

Innovations for better drinking water quality

Clean drinking water is essential for human health. Drinking water systems are very sensitive to pollution and therefore strict requirements are set to the materials that come into contact with drinking water.

With innovative materials and production techniques, De Beer works on the replacement of seals and flexible connections made of elastomers for cleaner and safer alternatives.

Sustainable innovations for a better future

De Beer is working on solutions to the problems of tomorrow. We do that with sustainable materials and sustainable production techniques, for example our CO2-neutral plastics production at De Beer Beoplast.

We commit our material knowledge to the development of meaningful projects in the field of sustainability. That may be bio-based plastic materials, but also CO2-poorer alternatives or circular concepts.

Symbol of sustainability: goat kept by De Beer Group