‘De Beer wants to be active in niche markets, where it can win on the basis of excellent knowledge and skills.’


Only with knowledge and skills that are progressive with respect to the market can we be of value to our customers. We therefore focus our resources and efforts on a few specialities, where we can excel and win.


Value Added Services

We add maximum value to our products and concepts, and develop solutions for the latent problems and needs of customers

system supplier

We offer an integral approach to solutions instead of components or products


We are reliable towards customers, suppliers, partners, employees and other stakeholders

Customer satisfaction

We aim for very high customer satisfaction

Our employees are the key to success herein.

We challenge and encourage them to contribute all their capacities. Continuous development of this knowledge, competence and skills is essential.

Using each other’s strengths

By allowing people in different companies of the group to work together, we strengthen each other’s knowledge and expertise. Thus we increase the strength of our network and we are able to solve problems of a more complex nature for our customers.

Employee works with precision on production processes in our plant, where craftsmanship and quality are paramount.

Our core values

Reliability & Transparency:

Towards our customers and each other

The customer comes first:

Go the extra mile for your customer

Think Big:

Help build on our growth

Have fun:

Work hard, play hard - but with dignity and respect


Work on your knowledge, professionally and as a human being


Take responsibility, be a leader

Making small parts great

We produce many small components. These components have little value and meaning to many of our customers. Until you miss them or they break. Then these small components turn out to be of great importance.

At De Beer, it is precisely these small parts that get the attention they deserve. We provide them with the quality they deserve. And we do that out of conviction.

Our motto “Making Small Parts Great” also refers to the manufacturing industry, of which De Beer Group is part. The production in Western Europe is of essential importance to our economy and prosperity. De Beer is proud that with its plants in the Netherlands and Germany, it can compete with suppliers throughout the world and provide employment to some 200 employees and many suppliers and partners.