Tritium Award for De Beer Group

At De Beer Group, we love challenges and strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. Therefore, we are extremely proud to share with you our recent achievement: receiving the Tritium Award from Signify, our valued customer.

Third Tritium Award for De Beer Group from Signify
When a customer with as many as 4,000 suppliers named us Best Supplier of the Year for the third consecutive year, we feel honored. This prestigious award emphasizes our ongoing commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. At AllinPlast Kunststoffenindustrie B.V., a part of De Beer Group, we believe our success is because of our deep commitment to customer focus.

We understand our customers’ needs down to the smallest
details and work closely with them to create a reliable supply chain. Quality is always our top priority.
We proudly share this achievement with our dedicated team and our valued customer Signify. Together, we continue to work towards a bright future.