About us

De Beer Group

The De Beer Group is an multinational operating holding company with various subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany.

The De Beer Group focuses on producing plastic and rubber products for various industries, including sanitary, automotive, sealing technology, DIY and consumer products. De Beer has both its own product ranges and supplies to OEMs.

Within the niches in which it operates, De Beer Group wants to possess best-in-class knowledge and competences, thereby creating value for its customers.


The origin

In 1953 Jan de Beer senior started as a sales agent for lead siphons. From his garage he built the foundations of our current company. Now, more than 65 years later, De Beer has grown into a European market leader in the field of seals and sanitary components. De Beer is still owned by the family and the third generation is now at the helm.


Family values

Wanting to be proud of your company and your products is a great motivation. But you can only be proud if you can stand 100% behind your products. That is why we are almost obsessed with quality. Good reliability is so essential for the type of products we supply, that it should not be skimped on. A seal must seal, it’s that simple. As a user you should be able to rely on this at all times.

We only proudly link our family name to reliable products.